Waris, Life Beyond the Present

In a continuum transcending time and imagination, IMMERSIO stands as a vibrant fusion of tradition and technology. Led and crafted by Filamen, the immersive labyrinth offers a glimpse into the boundless creativity of Malaysia’s new media community.


Wander through Past, Present and Future in a Time Kaleidoscope

In its fifth edition, IMMERSIO 2023 embarked on a journey into the theme “Warisan” (inherited), diving deep into the beautiful tapestry of Southeast Asian heritage and deeply-rooted stories within our culture. Spearheading the effort to nurture appreciation for new media art, the latest IMMERSIO was fueled by the ambitious vision, to amplify audiences’ sensory experiences and resonance with art through technology, while connecting them with the talented local artists behind the awe-inspiring creations.


The communication strategy for IMMERSIO 2023 embraced a multi-faceted approach designed to paint a vivid picture of the immersive experiences awaiting visitors at the festival. Multiple waves of media outreach were planned to widen our audience reach and stimulate interest in the vibrant arts and cultural landscape. We had also strategically collaborated with media partners and social media personalities to amplify the visual narrative and fuel excitement. Through a multi-channel approach, the fervour of the new media community behind IMMERSIO flowed through traditional media, online portals, social platforms and broadcasts.


The strategy centered on storytelling, emphasising the fusion of tradition and technology, bridging the old and new, and strategically aligned with the celebrations of Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The narrative was meticulously crafted to engage audiences effectively, while a multi-faceted approach was deployed to ensure broad visibility across various audience segments throughout the country.


Through storytelling, strategic media outreach and engagement with social personalities, IMMERSIO 2023 garnered extensive media mentions and generated significant buzz among the public, drawing in a substantial footfall, redefining the narrative of Southeast Asian heritage for generations to come.

Photos: ARTOGO Production