TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme

Artisanal Creation Inspired by Nature


Nature’s Treasure, Transformed by Malaysian Craftmanship.
Known globally for its superior quality and adaptable nature, Malaysian timber stands as a cherished resource boasts with versatility, offering a canvas for boundless creativity and innovation.

Emerging as a beacon of progress for the Malaysian timber, furniture and design industry, the TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme (DIP) brings together designers with local manufacturers to collaboratively create commercially viable furniture pieces, exclusively made of Malaysian wood. The TIMB3R DIP is conceived by the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC), the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) and the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID).


The outreach strategy weaved together various media elements, including media events, release management and dissemination as well as interviews, to invite Malaysians to immerse themselves in the gifts bestowed by nature and the boundless narratives of our local talents.


Over 100,000 visitors visited the immersive art exhibition and the campaign garnered support from mainstream media and influencers.