Atma Kirana

Beautiful Soul


In the heart of every Malaysian, there lies a vivid memory – a shared experience of unity. Remember those mornings, as young students, when we stood together reciting the Rukun Negara in unison? It was more than a routine; it was the essence of our nation’s core values. In collaboration with the National Art Gallery of Malaysia,  ATMA KIRANA, an artwork by Malaysian new media artist – Abdul Shakir “Grasshopper”  tells that story that inherently unites us as a uniquely multicultural nation.


The challenge was two-fold: first to create awareness and generate excitement for the ATMA KIRANA installation; second was to emphasise its significance in conveying the essence of Rukun Negara and Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage. RUBIX was entrusted with the challenge of communicating the intricate blend of art, culture and national identity to a diverse audience while ensuring its relevance. 


The strategy centered on storytelling, emphasising the fusion of tradition and technology, bridging the old and new, and strategically aligned with the celebrations of Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The narrative was meticulously crafted to engage audiences effectively, while a multi-faceted approach was deployed to ensure broad visibility across various audience segments throughout the country.


The ATMA KIRANA communication campaign yielded impressive results, including extensive media coverage in national newspapers, online platforms and TV stations, along with a substantial footfall at the National Art Gallery throughout the installation’s exhibition period.